Some Quick Answers

Here are some answers to some of the most frequently asked questions I get from clients.  We always post these “FAQs” thinking someone will read them.  If you are reading this, you should feel a special pride in knowing you are one of the few!  If you get through this and still need answers, just call or email me at

General Answers

Can I do it myself??

I’m happy to do it for you but if you are the hand’s on type you can be pretty self-sufficient.  The best way to get started is through our “How To Everything” video tutorial section.

I can’t log on to my website or email. . .

Hold your breath for 30 seconds. Breath out slowly.  99.9% of the time your website/email is working fine.  However there are times it will go down due to server issues or more often you just won’t be able to reach it because of a problem somewhere between your computer and the server.  You are certainly welcome to call me right away and check to see if there are any reported server issues.  However, if you are not pressed you will find that often issues like this clear up in a matter of minutes.

I need to send a massive file!!

OK, the best answer is probably to use YOUSENDIT.COM.  Email is limited and FTP is not always convenient. YOUSENDIT.COM offers free up to 100mg delivery.

Email Answers

How do I set up my email account?

The best way to get started is through our “How To Everythingvideo tutorial section.

What are my “Incoming” & “Outgoing” servers?

It depends, but most accounts set up in 2012 will simply be “” for both the incoming and outgoing servers. If this is not correct for your server just give me a ring.

How do I check my mail online?

Simply go online to Enter your email address and password. You can check your mail and reply from anywhere you have internet access.

I can receive my mail but I can’t send it. (or something like that)

Be sure you check the box that says, “My server requires authentication for outgoing mail” when you set up the account.

WordPress Answers

How do I. . . ?

The best way to get started is through our “How To Everything” video tutorial section.

You can also head on over to

My Dashboard says I should upgrade. Should I? How?

The simple answer is yes, however I do not automatically upgrade your wordpress sites and here is why; Upgrading is a fairly simple process but it does require that the site is backed up fully before you proceed.  We have an automated service but occasionally it can fail, so I tend to prefere upgrading wordpress manually.  Occasionally upgrades can also break plugins and themes that were designed for older versions.  So should you upgrade?, yes but maybe you don’t want to at this point.  It’s your call.  The single greatest reason for upgrading a wordpress site is security fixes.

Can I upgrade WordPress myself?

Certainly. You can use the automated feature in your account support counsol or do it manually.  However, if you blow it up, I’m not promising I can fix it.

Updating My Website Answers

Why can’t I just slide a picture over there?

Many people who are used to using MS Word or Publisher approach their website in the same fashion.  It’s not long before they learn that the web works a little differently.  Often this can seem quite limiting.  It becomes harder to lay a photograph anywhere you want or use funky fonts to just name a couple common examples. Most of the time it’s just a matter of doing things differently. Unlike a print publication or a PDF that simply places your document on a medium, a webpage uses the viewers computer to arrange or recreate your website based on the instructions you give them through the “code”. This is why we can’t simply make a publisher document into a webpage. In additon different computers and browsers have a way of seeing things differently and won’t always display things they way you wish or the way you see it at home.  Web developers take all this into consideration and try to create a website that works for most people.  That being said. . .

Someone called and said my website is screwed up but. . .

There is the other bit about designing a website.  Even when we do everything right, sometimes it won’t look right or function for some folks.  There are many reasons why. Sometimes the vistor has a computer from 1987 and it just won’t run modern applications. Maybe their computer is infected with viruses. Maybe their browser or flash player is out of date.  There are many, many reasons something can go wrong for a user.  In fact, it’s really amazing we rarely see problems.  However, if your site is working for 99% of people, chances are the customer needs to fix something.