Feature Listings, Tiles, Banners

A lot of folks new to internet advertising or advertising on Skillet Creek Media outlets wonder about the terms we use when talking about different styles of ads.  Below are some basic samples of the different types of advertising we offer through Skillet Creek Media channels.

The Leaderboard – 728 x 90 pixels – This large image ad is placed above the content of a page. It is linked to your website or promotion and the link is click tracked.  At Skillet Creek we offer Leaderboards as annual, exclusives, meaning that your leaderboard will run on the top of the page you have chosen for 1 year. You will not share, the ad will not rotate with others. At the end of the year, you have right of first renewal.  A leaderboard advertisement always includes a FEATURE LISTING at no extra cost.

The Tile – 300×100 pixels – Tile advertising is offered on the right-hand sidebar of some Skillet Creek Media content including DevilsLakeWisconsin.com. Tiles are linked to your webpage of promotion and are click tracked.  We offer tile ads as annual ads.

Box Ad – 300×250 pixels – The big box Ads are quickly replacing the standard banner or leaderboard and  are placed in sidebars to the left or right of other content. Box Ads are linked to your webpage of promotion and are click tracked.  We offer Box Ads ads as annual ads.



The Feature Listing – The “feature” text listing includes; Descriptive text, Logo and Photo (or 2 photos) , contact information, link & Google Map as well. You can even add video at no extra cost!! Our feature listing is the standard method of sharing your message with our readers.  A feature listing is placed alphabetically under a specific category. Below are sample images of our feature listing. The top image shows the closed ad, the second shows the ad with more information and map selected. If you have any other questions, just give us a call at 608-381-0428.