Sites Infected with Malware may be deleted.

It’s a new environment out there in the world of web hosting. Old school and unhardened websites are being hacked or injected with malware at incredible rates.  While our Virtual Private Server is more secure, when a client hosted on our VPS IS infected or hacked, it can lead to ALL sites on that server being suspended. Of course this puts me in a bad position as I have to get the VPS up as fast as possible and also resolve the infected site issue as well.

When it comes to dormant, old and unsecured websites my best option is to simply delete the account. If you have a back up, we can then reinstall your site and have you back up in a matter of hours. Still, I will require you harden your website. I can help you with this.  I should also say that we do have a new system rolling out this fall which will help quickly isolate infected sites on the server so we can be more proactive in finding a solution for the client.

Business Critical?  Well, if you just “can’t” have your site go down.  My suggestion is this;

  1. Move from our shared server to our independent IP or cloud service.  Not only will you have faster, more robust service, but you won’t be affected by other sites on your shared server.


  1. Once moved you need to secure your site.  Wordpress websites have a variety of options including services and plugins which can lock your site done pretty well.  Plus there are some other “hardening” techniques and settings we can use to better secure your site.


  1. Lastly you need to backup your site regularly.  YOU ARE ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR LAST BACK UP.  You can back up your website directly from your Cpanel or WordPress clients can use VaultPress or another service to provide daily back ups.


Web-hosting these days isn’t anything like what it used to be….

It’s not just big businesses like JPMorgan Chase, Target and Home Depot that get hacked. Small companies suffer from intrusions into their computer systems, too.The costs associated with computer and website attacks can run well into the thousands and even millions of dollars for a small company. Many small businesses have been attacked ? 44%, according to a 2013 survey by the National Small Business Association, an advocacy group. Those companies had costs averaging $8,700.  But while most small businesses understand the need for a comprehensive data security program, many still believe hackers are only interested in going after big companies, and therefore may not take all the precautions that they should. In fact, statistics compiled by the National Cyber Security Alliance paint a disturbing portrait of small business vulnerability:

Almost 50 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack.

More than 70 percent of attacks target small businesses.

More than 75 percent of employees leave their computers unsecured.

As much as 60 percent of small and medium-sized businesses that experience a data breach go out of business after six months.

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