DOS, Phishing & MalWare

Over the last few days we have seen a massive up-tick in attacks on websites.  In nearly every case these attacks have been on websites that have not had their wordpress installs & plugins kept up-to-date or clients who have used very simple passwords to access their websites.  Believe me, I realize this sucks and can impact your business.  That said, at one time or another we’ve probably talked about staying up-to-date and other security issues before.

So here’s the thing.  As I see these malware & phishing attacks on a clients site. When I can, I’m fixing them as a courtesy when I get a report or see something happening on my end. There are times however, when I cannot do a quick fix and websites are suspended until we can come up with a solution.  This is to protect our servers, our clients, and YOUR customers.

The best ways you can avoid downtime & expense is with some basic security.

  1. Use Strong passwords.
  2. Keep your wordpress Installs up-to-date
  3. Keep your plug-ins up-to-date
  4. Use security plugins like “WordFence” to help protect against certain attacks.
  5. Keep a Backup of your website or use a service like VaultPress to backup your website for you.

Remember, unless you have a maintenance plan with me, I do not update or maintain your websites.  This is YOUR responsibility.  Infected sites will be shut down by our host.  Sites infected with Phishing code & content can be reported to various security firms and shut down as well.

Please contact me if you have any questions.