Changes Afoot!

I certainly hope you’ve seen the newsletter we sent out last week regarding our hosting server change.  That process has begun in earnest now and we’re nearly halfway through the task of moving about 1oo websites over to your new servers.  As I mentioned, our hosting clients will now have much more control of their own sites, through our new Cpanel.  In Cpanel you can manage your email, check your stats, back up your website (Including database & email accounts), and much, much more.  I’ve been so looking forward to getting these upgrades into your hands!

Of course, if you don’t work on the web every day, it’s not always easy to figure out how to use all the new features, or even to set up a new email account on your computer.  Well, for that reason we’re happy to introduce our new “How To” section filled with video instruction on how to do just about everything from changing your DNS to setting up your email accounts, to even adding a new database! You can check that out here