Who’s Talking About You?

So a woman travels to Boulder, CO., and has a bad experience at a shop there.  She posts about that bad experience on her blog, her Facebook & Twitter.  Now that bad experience is shared with a few hundred people, many of whom would shop in the same places she does.  They also take her opinion seriously.  Hey, they subscribe to her Twitter, friend her at Facebook and read her blog.   Now the nice thing here is that the shop is also making use of social media were able to follow up and turn a less than stellar first impression into the beginning of a good relationship with a simple acknowledgment and apology.   Everyone in the shops social network & the original posters network are able to look in and form an opinion.  Chances are they are happy to give the shop a bit of leeway, since they were quick to reach out.

This is not a unique story these days.  In fact, it’s common place.  That’s why it’s really quite surprising how many businesses ignore social media completely.   I mean, if you could learn more about what people really think of your business, their perception of your service & what they are telling others, wouldn’t you want to know?