The advantage (or maybe not so much..) of a home office is that you can get some work done no matter how you’re feeling. There is no “sniffle & stay home” rule here!

So let’s see, what’s going on this week…

Hosting – First collection of hosting forms have gone out today. Simply review the form and choose the package that bet fits your needs. Chances are the package you currently have is fairly similar to the new ones. However, I know some of you could save some money of the course of the year by choosing a maintenance package instead of paying hourly labor changes for updates.

What I’m Working On – On my desk at the moment is the new site for the Bank of Mauston which I hope will be going live fairly soon. I’m also working on a site for a New Newfoundland photographer. Great images too. I look forward to sharing that one with you. I’ve also been working on some print advertising over the weekend.  Having fun with the historic, parchment & treasure map look.

Learning Tip – I’m going to be posting links here every so often to help you learn a bit more about computers, websites & social media.  This week have a look at a website called;  It’s harsh for sure but sometimes there is a place for a good dose of reality.  The main point here is, don’t let you’re cousin’s sister design your logo.  Well, unless she’s a graphic artist of course!