What’s In A Name?

Skillet Creek Media says it all. (but you can still use Baraboo Interactive Services.. for awhile as we make the transition!)

As you can see, we’ve changed our name.  The old label of “Baraboo Interactive Services” served us well enough for over a dozen years now and I’m sure it could have served another dozen.  But it has to be said too that the business has changed a lot since back in 1996.  When dove into the “web” business you could still say the word “internet” and be laughed out of a room.  I know, I often did!! Back then asking people to look 5 or 10 years forward was quite a challenge. Thankfully there were enough forward thinking folks in our community to keep me  off the streets!  Today of course we could’nt live without the web.

Still, the more things change the more they remain the same, as the saying goes. Now we’re talking about Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Wave and all sorts of new stuff we have labeled as “Social Media”.   A website by comparison seems well, “bookish”.  Nothing wrong with a good book mind you, it’s just that now we tend to want to easily be able to communicate with the author in a variety of ways.  Skillet Creek Media can help you do that.

In addition, what what we do here has changed. Sure we still offer web design and hosting services but we also offer so many new services as well, not to mention the growth of our own online publications.

I think too, we’ve also found our niche over the years and that was not being expressed by our name.  Skillet Creek Media accomplishes that goal. The “media” bit I’m sure you’ll understand.  Let me tell you a bit about Skillet Creek (The real one.). “Skillet Creek” is a little known little stream runs through our area like a thread, tying together many amazing and beautiful locals.  Skillet Creek runs from Devil’s Lake State Park westward and drops down the beautiful, but privately held “Skillet Falls”, then continues through the hill walls of Pewit’s nest and then out to the Baraboo river which rifles through the city of Baraboo continuing out through the Lower Narrows and on to the Wisconsin River.

Our daily efforts bring nature and business together as we focus on regional tourism and outdoor recreation.  It’s hard for us to talk about marketing in our area without talking about the natural beauty that brings people here all year round.  Add to that my personal love if not occasional obsession with Devil’s Lake,  Sea Kayaking, and all sorts of outdoor recreation and it becomes an obvious fit.  Skillet Creek Media says it all.  Let me know what you think!